Creative Director, Co-Founder

Creative Director

Aaron Hostutler, Creative Director  and Project Bliss co-founder, found his passion for photography/videography in the Marine Corps, where he spent eight years traveling the world capturing training and operations across the globe. His final assignment was serving as the first active duty Marine appointed as the Secretary of Defense’s photographer.  Aaron is a passionate storyteller who cares about his clients, the success of their mission, and maintaining a lasting relationship with them.

CEO, Co-Founder


Madeleine Wisecup, CEO and Project Bliss co-founder, has spent the majority of her career working for the Navy, most recently leading the Navy’s Energy Warrior campaign. As a French/American citizen and daughter of a naval officer, Madeleine has always had a passion for exploring new cultures, connecting with people, and storytelling. She is committed to making the production process as stress-free as possible for her clients so they can enjoy the experience as much as she does. 



Geoffrey Green, COO of Project Bliss, has spent the majority of his career working in Aviation flying on and fixing helicopters. He found his passion for photography and videography in the air while in the military, and while he does not fly much anymore he continues to take photos and videos via unmanned aerial systems. Geoffrey is a creative videographer and skilled UAS pilot which brings a new perspective to any shoot. 


Ross Ruddell is a professional outdoor/portrait photographer from the Central Coast of California. Specializing in surf lifestyle and outdoor storytelling Ross has traveled to dozens of countries across the globe as well as all 50 of the United States. He studied photojournalism at the University of Hawai’i and public affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs in Maryland. Before pursuing adventure photography full time he was a photographer for the U.S. Coast Guard, proudly serving for 8 years. Today he serves works as Project Bliss’s Ambassador helping to promote and share the social and environmental impact individuals and organizations are making around the world. 


Because, what happens beneath the surface matters.


Waterline, a post production team that gets creative with the creative process. A team that works directly with you to help realize YOUR creative vision in all aspects of finishing. Waterline focuses on short and long form film, TV, and commercials, promotional and branded content, you name it.