Aaron D. Hostutler

I love storytelling. I love getting behind the camera and capturing life as it unfolds. For me, that process started in the Marine Corps where I spent 8 years traveling the world as a Marine photographer documenting some of the coolest training and operations you can possibly imagine. My career took me from the beaches of Thailand to Europe,  Japan, Africa, Malaysia, Afghanistan and everything in between. As time went on, I started experimenting with the video features on my camera and found that I loved videography even more than photography, which is saying a lot.

In 2013 I was the first active duty Marine selected to be the Secretary of Defense’s photographer–an unforgettable experience! For fifteen months, I traveled to more than a dozen countries, photographed hundreds of international leaders and explored numerous foreign cultures. This new experience as a professional photographer led to my decision to leave the military and become a freelance photographer/cinematographer. I wanted to share the incredible stories of the people and organizations that make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.